Speed Painting Studies

 1 hour studies of random objects from this semester.
 The second was of photo of a bird of paradise.
 The third one was done in 15 minutes.
 The last done today in 45 minutes.


Painting Study

Painting Study of a skull in Photoshop... normally I only do these studies for an hr. but I decided to go into it for a hr and a half this time around. I'm pretty happy with it especially a texture brush I made to draw with.


Surreal Self-Portrait

This is my first Photoshop project in Computer Illustration 1. We had to develop an image that illustrates a dream and had to contain a figurative self-portrait within the composition.

I decided to make myself into a weird creature. After doing some thumbnails and research I decided on a more alien face and was inspired by the work of Dave Rapoza.

My process started with thumbnails, to a line drawing, then after scanning my line work I did a couple value and color comps. I also did some quick painting studies of my face and then went onto a grayscale painting. The last bit was done with color overlays and some opaque painting.

So far I'm happy with the ways its turning out but I would consider it a work in progress. I want to do more detailing in the grayscale and then paint it again with overlays and and more attention to warm and cool variation.


Self Portrait Sketch

Self portrait sketch for a surreal self portrait done in brown color pencil.
Next step is to paint it in photoshop.