CTN Portfolio

Here are only a few of the pieces from my portfolio I brought to the CTN Expo in Burbank, California. It was a great experience and I was given tons of helpful feedback.

This first piece was an establishing shot layout for my Layout and Production class. It incorporates a story I've been working based around 3 main characters. This layout is for one of these characters named Hue.
This second piece is based around the same character and might be familiar to those who have been watching my blog.

These third pieces are character designs for Hue. I thought I had figured him out but I've actually been working on him even more to make him look more original and fit into my idea and layouts better.

 These next pieces are Hue's prop/ weapon design, his paint brush. I finally decided on the one in the center of the colored image with the chambers holding the primary colors.

These next pieces don't involve Hue but caricatures of one of my favorite band... The Roots. This was done totally in Photoshop, referencing photos and and ballpoint pen studies in my sketchbook.


2 & 3 pt. Perspective

Perspective studies... These first two drawings were done with two vanishing points. The drawing on the left is a pencil sketch of a building on campus and the second is an interior study also in pencil.

 These next two pencil drawings are 3 pt. perspective studies. The first is another building study on campus with third vanishing points positioned closer to the horizon line. The last drawing is the first time I ever did a 3 pt. perspective of an interior and I feel it came out successfully. At first the sink in the lower left corner came out a little wonky when following my perspective points. After talking with my teacher he told me to just straighten those lines even though they don't follow the vanishing points. So, believably over the technical.


Layout Comp. #1

For layout #1 in my Layout for Animation course I did a location from an ongoing story I've been creating. The basic setting is a dreary and broken down cityscape that has been covered in snow. This first one however had to be done in graphite on 8.5 x 11. So I took some hours to layer the pencil work in circular motions. I started with quick thumbnail sketches with tonal markers, then a graphite drawing, and lastly the final illustration.



Here are some perspective studies of campus and the new place.
The first is a one point study of the Texas building entrance.
This second is a multiple one point of the living room


So much work so little time.

I was bored a couple weeks ago so I decided to do a few Batman sketches. Which led to the thought what would happen to Batman if he was out of work for a while... bad economy, old, or basically no villains around.
Thus... Fatman!


Vivid Fro Ink.

After some deliberation I came up with a new name for my shirt company and logos to go with it. At first I came up with the name Nappy Ink, but I didn't want my business to be associated with gross dreads.

Going through names after names after names and even a thesaurus I came up with my new name: 
Vivid Fro Ink. Then after the first typographic logo it was time for a more illustrative one.


It has been awhile blogger...

It has been awhile... working, sleeping, working. About time I started posting some stuffs. This summer is going to be some fun: finishing animations, making some new shirts, and just keeping busy with some extra work.
I'll start this summer off with my final animation I did for 2-D Character Animation and Motion Studies class. The assignment was to animate a character pushing a heavy object. Of course I had to change it up a little and have one character push another character. On top of that once given the okay by the teacher I had to add a lip sync and voice acting. This video is the first step, my thumbnail animatic from my sketchbook.

Of course special thanks to Victor Escobedo for the voice acting and Beki Black for Japanese translation.

Here's the second step of my sumo push after the animatic was approved. This one is my pose test with my key pose and some breakdown drawings. This one is drawn larger and shot on the lunchbox and then synced with the audio in Premier Pro. The character were fun to figure out and draw.

Third step in the process was the breakdowns and most of the in between drawings. I didn't finish it still have some the ending and the lip sync but I put in the titles and had to hand this one in for a grade. Now that I got some good feed back I'm going to definitely finish this one for myself and my demo reel.


More Free Life Drawing

 Here's a 15 min. and 20 min. pose drawing. Practicing angles and plane changes drawn in graphite and ballpoint pen.

 Three 10 min. studies in graphite from today's life drawing session.
 Jon A. Baker ©2011


Orangutan Jump

A critter jump for character animation and motion studies class. I decided to do an orangutan jump. 
This is the rough pencil version with keys, breakdowns, and some in-betweens.


5's, 10's, and 20's

Another free life drawing session yesterday.

Here's some 5min. poses:
Left and Center: Vine charcoal
Right: Marker

10 and 15min. poses
Vine charcoal

20 min.
Left: Charcoal      Right: Marker


Free Life Drawing Session

Heres some one, two, and five min. gestures from today's free life drawing class.

Animal sketches

First blog
I'll start you out with animal sketches from 
the Nature and Science Museum.

Kangaroo, Cassowary, Warthog
Mountain goat skull, and Galapagos Tortoise