A quick update...

It has been awhile blogger, but here's something new... Trees!

Being a profession artist on the web is sometimes a pain in the ass. There are sooo many sites, stores, and social media everyone is a part of and it's hard to keep up with all of it. As of this moment my main site is down so I can update it with new hosting and a more user friendly store! 

On another note, if you're having trouble following me I am going to try and remedy that by posting some new work and hopefully making the new site easier to use. Also, follow me on Instagram. It's honestly the easiest way to find my new stuff and what's going on, since it's super easy to post on!

Either way though, here are some new prop design stuff I did recently of some trees and there are more to come!


New Contest Illustrations

Logo Design for A$AP MOB contest on Creative Allies. Wanted a simple and readable design and headphones resonates hip-hop for me. You can see the design and vote, show me support here!

This one was for a t-shirt and toy design contest on Threadless. Threadless and Mighty Jaxx collaborated together to put together this contest. The winners recieve cash prizes and their design made into toys! How badass is that?! I had to enter just for the facts that I haven’t learned how to 3-D model yet (at least this kind of detail) and I have always been interested in toy design. 3-D printing can also be rather expensive! I created robot #27, the first robot to be made with a synthetic and robotic heart. I can design robots forever so expect more of these in the future perhaps and maybe I’ll end up printing them myself on shirts, as toys, or maybe stickers… hmmm stickers sounds like a plan! This contest and my Threadless profile can be found HERE.


AFI Cover Art

Single Album cover design I did for a contest. I didn't win but thanks to all those who showed me some love by voting for... My entry

Here's the painting before the typography I added


Meek Mill Design

Here's my winning design for a Meek Mill: Dream Chasers 3 promo art contest. Thanks to all those who voted and I can't wait to see what they do with it.


Wearing Converse

 Some new character designs I did in Sketchbook Pro. First time ever using it and so far so good, I like it for drawing and its brushes. These two are the first of many designs I'm doing the next is a space girl. (the sketch is at the bottom of the post) I am also screen printing these onto shirts. Two colors: converse and shadows.