So these environments I finished not too long ago. I'm planning on doing some finalizing touch-ups on these for my portfolio this weekend and then onto the next 6...

Frog creature's environment:

First Round of touch-ups:

Wanderer poem environment:


Value & More Composition Studies

In an environmental design mood... I have to do some environments for two of my classes so I decided to do some more composition studies. This time I just did some value with texture and chalk brushes in photoshop. I think I'm actually going to take a few of them to finish.

These first few are actually for my frog character and creature.
The last six are just for an wanderer poem.


Life Drawing Session

Free life drawing today at school after some quick 30 sec. and min poses, I got to do some studies of the model. These two were done in ballpoint pen in 20 mins.


Custom Shape Compostions

The homie Dylan showed me this technique of designing environment compositions with custom shapes in Photoshop. They are pretty easy to figure out and once you make your shape making these comps in a few minutes with positives and negatives of the same shape. First off here's one of my custom shapes:

After I made these shapes using them in black and white working back and forth had me coming up these environment comps:

The last one ended up being the same shape but more of a value study.
Next up more than 1 shape in a composition.


Speed Painting Environment

Normally my speed paintings of environments aren't very speedy, but after some tips from my friend Raul the time it took to finish this one was cut to by more than half. I used mostly custom brushes for texture and the basic lay in, then added some photo texture in areas of interest. Next up... custom shapes.


Still Life Paintings

These are direct painting one hour still lifes done in Photoshop. These are super helpful with color and confidence in digital. The first 2 I didn't have time to finish but the third one came out faster and at a more finished level.

Creature Design

Here are some sketches and silhouette studies for a creature design in my Computer Illustration II class. They were done in marker and graphite. I'm thinking of going with a liesure transport for my frog humanoids.