Grad. Show Coming Soon!

My class hangs our Graduation Show tomorrow morning. 
Opening is December 7th from 5pm - 8pm.
Come on by RMCAD if you have the time here's a teaser 
at some of the many images I've completed for it.
They are all part of a personal project called Chromogenesis,
but more on that to come...

Dystopian Settlement

Establishing Shot #1


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! For this speed paint we picked from B-Movie Monsters... The Mutant. The Mutant is from the movie This Island Earth. For this one I made the mistake of looking up what he looked like before I started which was a mistake. I wasn't super happy with this one because I think it's too close to the actual design but oh well on to the next, although I am digging his glowing mouth.



1 hr. prompt for Halloween... Wendigo a monster from Algonquian native cultures. Wendigo is a malevolent cannibalistic spirit that possess humans or a monster that humans physically transform into.


Speed Paint

Got some new Photoshop brushes so I thought I'd try a hour speed painting. I went 10min. over the hr. because I wanted to add a monk and some depth of field. This new brush set had some nice textures for the block in phase. This painting was a nice break from all of the buildings and more inorganic landscapes I've been working for my Grad. show project.



That Color layer Glazing technique again because I did it wrong on the spider. Except now I feel like I messed up something in this process a different way this time... oh well third times the charm.

This one started as a drawing in my sketchbook with the prompt of "Robot Segway."


Drooling Spider

I made a random prompt generator with a cellphone app and a long list of nouns, adjectives, and so on and one of the first ones was "Drooling Spider".

I made this sketch for my prompt in a little less than a hour and it sat in my sketchbook for a while. Then, learned a new technique for painting under sketches from a teacher, so I figured I'd try it out on this guy. The technique is interesting but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I think I'm going to try it out on some more of my sketches since painting in this process was pretty quick.



Sketch Dump #1

Been up to tons of drawing and projects but instead of posting and showing everything, all I've done is let them collect dust.

Quick sketch for a Life Painting comp.

Quick sketches with Tony Benedetto
Left one of me was done by him and this right one was of him drawn by me.
Check his work out too: http://www.behance.net/AnthonyBenedetto


Finals Work

So finals came and went and I have some new work to post. I start off today with just a taste. Here's a redesign of an Alice In Wonderland book cover and some designs I made for promotional stickers. These sticker designs are actually going to become real printed stickers and for sale!

Final Book cover

And Stickers!:
Orangutan Riding a Turtle
 A Panda Riding a Snail                                                                                                               And a Squirrel Riding a Beetle

 Hybrid Process: Sketches to Finals

More work too come soon...


Animal At Large

For my second Photoshop project in Computer Illustration 1 I had to create an illustration that featured a disproportionately large animal or creature in a city type environment.

I decided to design a creature for my environment. After some research I combined a Portuguese Man of War jellyfish for his colors and crest and a mosquito because mosquitos are nasty. Thus the jelly-squito!

Overall I am satisfied with the composition and colors, but I think going back into it with a detail pass and little atmosphere and value changes will help push this piece to be included into my portfolio.

The process and studies up to the final were also fun to work out before going to the final.


Speed Painting Studies

 1 hour studies of random objects from this semester.
 The second was of photo of a bird of paradise.
 The third one was done in 15 minutes.
 The last done today in 45 minutes.