CTN Portfolio

Here are only a few of the pieces from my portfolio I brought to the CTN Expo in Burbank, California. It was a great experience and I was given tons of helpful feedback.

This first piece was an establishing shot layout for my Layout and Production class. It incorporates a story I've been working based around 3 main characters. This layout is for one of these characters named Hue.
This second piece is based around the same character and might be familiar to those who have been watching my blog.

These third pieces are character designs for Hue. I thought I had figured him out but I've actually been working on him even more to make him look more original and fit into my idea and layouts better.

 These next pieces are Hue's prop/ weapon design, his paint brush. I finally decided on the one in the center of the colored image with the chambers holding the primary colors.

These next pieces don't involve Hue but caricatures of one of my favorite band... The Roots. This was done totally in Photoshop, referencing photos and and ballpoint pen studies in my sketchbook.