2 & 3 pt. Perspective

Perspective studies... These first two drawings were done with two vanishing points. The drawing on the left is a pencil sketch of a building on campus and the second is an interior study also in pencil.

 These next two pencil drawings are 3 pt. perspective studies. The first is another building study on campus with third vanishing points positioned closer to the horizon line. The last drawing is the first time I ever did a 3 pt. perspective of an interior and I feel it came out successfully. At first the sink in the lower left corner came out a little wonky when following my perspective points. After talking with my teacher he told me to just straighten those lines even though they don't follow the vanishing points. So, believably over the technical.


Layout Comp. #1

For layout #1 in my Layout for Animation course I did a location from an ongoing story I've been creating. The basic setting is a dreary and broken down cityscape that has been covered in snow. This first one however had to be done in graphite on 8.5 x 11. So I took some hours to layer the pencil work in circular motions. I started with quick thumbnail sketches with tonal markers, then a graphite drawing, and lastly the final illustration.



Here are some perspective studies of campus and the new place.
The first is a one point study of the Texas building entrance.
This second is a multiple one point of the living room


So much work so little time.

I was bored a couple weeks ago so I decided to do a few Batman sketches. Which led to the thought what would happen to Batman if he was out of work for a while... bad economy, old, or basically no villains around.
Thus... Fatman!