I love Enviros

Here's a quick group of 6 environment paintings I worked on all at the same time. They were easy to work on because if one got frustrating I would just paint another. If I couldn't figure out a tree in one, I'd paint a building or a moon in a different painting.(ADD painting technique) All 6 took me about 18 hrs and some I detailed more than others so I don't know how long each took by themselves.

This first one started as me just scribbling with complimentary colors and then I started to watch kung-fu movies, so you can see where that went.

This next one was influenced by these rock structures in Thailand, then became villages built on their cliffs. And I always wanted to paint a destroyed moon.

Next one was the hardest for me to figure out, all I knew was that I wanted a mountain peak. This one changed and frustrated me the most, but it came out okay.

This one was painted with the sunset beach prompt from one of my friends. I like to surf so I was down to try it. The tree fort also seemed like a cool spot to check out the waves from. I think I'm going to take this one back into Photoshop and make some changes on it and fix some things I don't like.

Magma Temple... that is all

Last but not least, Chasing Fireflies, this one was my favorite and the fastest. I definitely am going to do more with it and fix some stuff, but I liked the idea and colors.