Onto the Villains

Here's the first two Villains I designed for Chromogenesis. First is the main Antagonist of the story Anance (Latin for Control, Control over fate.) She needs color to survive, she can't manipulate it but rather just takes it all for herself. In the game she is the most de-saturated (besides her throne room).

Line Drawing and Color before desaturation

Variations of Make-up Designs

Two other costume designs before coming up with the one I picked to use.

Silhouette Studies

Second Villain is Stain, another color manipulator but for own selfish purposes. He uses a cybernetic arm to take color to become more powerful. He stores it into his tattoo. (The more powerful he is the more colorful  his tattoo.)

Arm and tattoo callouts

Other Stain variations


Chromogenesis Heroes

Here's the first 3 heroes I did for my Chromogenesis story. The first one is the main character Hue, who has the power to manipulate color using a futuristic airbrush called a Chromograff. I did some call-outs for it and of a mask he would wear while painting.


The next two heroes are supporting characters that would be playable in my game. They are Amp & Bass and are twins that manipulate sound. One of my first digital paintings I ever did was of Amp, but it took me forever and is pretty horrible, but hey it was my first time painting in Photoshop. It's a crazy improvement in my digital skills since then, so I figured that would be worth it to see.

Old Amp

New Amp & Bass

 Double Bass weapon for Bass