It has been awhile blogger...

It has been awhile... working, sleeping, working. About time I started posting some stuffs. This summer is going to be some fun: finishing animations, making some new shirts, and just keeping busy with some extra work.
I'll start this summer off with my final animation I did for 2-D Character Animation and Motion Studies class. The assignment was to animate a character pushing a heavy object. Of course I had to change it up a little and have one character push another character. On top of that once given the okay by the teacher I had to add a lip sync and voice acting. This video is the first step, my thumbnail animatic from my sketchbook.

Of course special thanks to Victor Escobedo for the voice acting and Beki Black for Japanese translation.

Here's the second step of my sumo push after the animatic was approved. This one is my pose test with my key pose and some breakdown drawings. This one is drawn larger and shot on the lunchbox and then synced with the audio in Premier Pro. The character were fun to figure out and draw.

Third step in the process was the breakdowns and most of the in between drawings. I didn't finish it still have some the ending and the lip sync but I put in the titles and had to hand this one in for a grade. Now that I got some good feed back I'm going to definitely finish this one for myself and my demo reel.