1 hr. prompt for Halloween... Wendigo a monster from Algonquian native cultures. Wendigo is a malevolent cannibalistic spirit that possess humans or a monster that humans physically transform into.


Speed Paint

Got some new Photoshop brushes so I thought I'd try a hour speed painting. I went 10min. over the hr. because I wanted to add a monk and some depth of field. This new brush set had some nice textures for the block in phase. This painting was a nice break from all of the buildings and more inorganic landscapes I've been working for my Grad. show project.



That Color layer Glazing technique again because I did it wrong on the spider. Except now I feel like I messed up something in this process a different way this time... oh well third times the charm.

This one started as a drawing in my sketchbook with the prompt of "Robot Segway."


Drooling Spider

I made a random prompt generator with a cellphone app and a long list of nouns, adjectives, and so on and one of the first ones was "Drooling Spider".

I made this sketch for my prompt in a little less than a hour and it sat in my sketchbook for a while. Then, learned a new technique for painting under sketches from a teacher, so I figured I'd try it out on this guy. The technique is interesting but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I think I'm going to try it out on some more of my sketches since painting in this process was pretty quick.